Baby Boomer-Caregivers Seek Answers

Oct 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Baby Boomers increasingly are finding themselves caregiving for elderly parents and friends.  It’s a daunting task that most of us are not trained for, and we’re feeling the stress.  AlzheimersReadingRoom provides some interesting data from a recent study:

  • More than 80 percent of Baby Boomers said they feel moderate to high levels of stress related to the care or support they are giving to children, spouses and/or parents.
  • Nearly half of young Baby Boomers surveyed (46.6 percent) reported feeling worried about how caregiving is impacting their job.
  • Younger Baby Boomers’ worries could be linked to the fact that more than half of this group (68 percent) said they have missed work or left early from work due to their caregiving duties in the last six months.
  • Half of those workers said they missed eight to 16 hours of work in the previous six months.

However, there is some help out there.  The thousands of sites that pop up on the screen when you search for ‘caregiving’ or ‘caregivers’ is heartwarming.  Most of the advice and information is helpful for those of us seniors caring for elderly parents and friends.  If we rely only on our limited experience, we run the risk of not

providing the best care possible for the elderly.  Here’s what some of these sites tell us:

  • VHA Rehab Solutions in Ontario has a site that offers a good mixture of information about caregiving… anxiety and fear, communication with others, depression, finances, exhaustion, family issues, grief, guilt, or isolation; how to juggle daily work, or how to deal with stress and burden.  This site offers  a  list of caregiving tips for you to consider.
  • Everyday Health Inc offers a question and answer page to address specific caregiving questions real people are asking.  In addition, they provide another good combination of pages regarding every possible aspect of caregiving.
  • Many sites are specific to regions, such as the one above in Ontario, Canada, and this one in Chicago.  Caregiving in Chicago provides another service for caregivers seeking information; they offer links to numerous other websites that address specific health issues such as Alzheimers, arthritis, diabetes, etc.

Local home health care agencies also provide valuable assistance for caregivers of elderly parents and friends.  Medicare covers some home health care that is ordered by a health care provider for qualified services, and this option may be one you will want to consider.

If you are a Baby Boomer providing care for your elderly parents or friends, you are definitely not alone… and a lot of help is available.  All you have to do is ask.

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  2. Sharon, you hit the nail on head with this one. Baby boomers are increasingly becoming their parents caregivers, and this can put a burden on many aspects of their lives. The statistics you mentioned certainly suggest this. You are right that there is a wealth of support services available for caregivers of all ages. Specifically, we provide a wide range of innovative products for baby boomers, caregivers, and senior citizens. Often, the responsibilities of being a caregiver can be alleviated by promoting independence of their loved ones. With the surge in the senior population on the horizon, there are sure to be many fulfilling and exciting ways to take care of them!

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