For Seniors: Autumn Beckons, but Winter Waits

Sep 1st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Sometime around the first of August every year, autumn seems to begin whispering to us.  Seasonal change begins subtly to make its entrance.  Summer’s waning days, while depending on geography, will soon be gone.  We will recognize the passing of another year, its entry into another final quarter, its reminder of how quickly, as always, the seasons come and go.

The halcyon days of summer, nothing like they once were, will begin to melt into  fall’s more melancholy time.  The activities of summer will dwindle down until suddenly school will be back in session, football will be all the rage, sweaters will replace short sleeves.

Just that quickly our lives experience transition, rapid passing, a sudden shift. Just that quickly autumn and winter will be side by side.

That is much the way it feels as age, through that very same quickening process, steals another season, erases another year, leaves us expecting Christmas sooner than we should. 

Autumn beckons, but winter waits.  Our dark hair turns white, just as the ground greets  snow.  Our limbs creak in the winds as we move less quickly.  Our step is less spry.  Our faces less full of expectation. 

Giving into the seasons as a deadening time is no way to look at the passing of time.  It is a greeting time, a time to embrace one more occasion when life will surprise us with its wonders, when the next season is only a readying for the one after that, when the delicious delight of change will welcome us with new and abundant chances to know even more about this creation than already we have been privileged to learn and experience.  

Pulling the covers fast around you will not keep our the cold, keeping your blood flow moving at a steady pace will.  Stacking wood is a good exercise, sitting by the fire its reward.  Walking the lane is a marvelous unveiling of how nature is already beginning to change its apparel. Planning an adventure that includes others in the family will create quick and happy  anticipation.

While autumn beckons, there is no need to hurry its coming.  It will arrive with too much speed anyway.  While yesterdays will disappear and today will be too fleeting, spend it with all the zest you can.  Tomorrows will come soon enough.  And, as has been said, tomorrow is, after all, only a promissory note.  Expend the resources you have set aside now.  There will be no other opportunity to draw interest from them, other than the memories they buy.  Ready yourself for autumn and winter, but do not hold the door open for them prematurely.

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