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Seniors’ Need for Calm

The tops of the trees catch the early morning sun as it makes its way from east to west.  The grounds below are covered with leaves, allowing a comfortable bed for squirrels and other critters as they search out their morning meal.  The air is bitter, the first signs of winter this late in the year.  Prospects of snow or sleet are suggested before day’s end.  It is a reminder that seasons come and seasons go, no matter the changes in climate we experience now.

There are no disruptions to disturb or dissuade the day from moving on at its deliberate pace.  It is quiet here.  It is alone, but not lonely.  It is pristine, free from the interruptions of hassle.  It is the sort of place most long for, even for brief respites.  Calm is a balm and a salve and a cure.  It lets us realize that there doesn’t have to be heartache and hurt.  Days don’t have to be stressful.  Inviting the serenity of another day gives us opportunity to recognize that we are the ones who create the landscape of our mornings. We are the ones who choose the ingredients that make up our passing hours.

As we age, it becomes more and more critical that we invite the influences of composure.  Staying in control of our behaviors and feelings, not rigidly so, but with grace and kindness and genteel responses becomes the very nature of our character.  Old age is not a time to be curmudgeonly.   There is quite enough ugly behavior.  It is ours to seek and find and demonstrate those inner moods and balances that allow for genuine caring, deep stirrings of heart and soul, examples of love expressed and acted upon.

Determine to be Kind

Gaining the determination to be kind is one way we can extend the pleasure our days, the joy of our company with and among others. Kindness is not costly.  It comes quite naturally, once nurtured and developed and encouraged.  Those whose behaviors contradict the kind are not people to be intentionally sought out.  But, if/when we encounter them it is ours to give meaning to acceptance, to encouragement, to improvement.

Good days and good people are what we deserve.  But they do not come without some effort on our part.  We need to decide to be good every day.  We need to choose to demonstrate kindness every waking morning. We need to be the person we want to experience in others.

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