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Seniors Choose to Turn Their World Around

We have just returned from a four day whirlwind trip in which we house shopped, perused and bought some furniture, exhausted ourselves in an attempt to plan the next ten years (or so) of our lives with a plan for a new start, a change of  pace and location, a new set of supportive intimates who help define what life will be like for and with us.

Some will be surprised at this.  Some friends, whom we have known for a good while, will celebrate and revel in it.  I have one acquaintance who declares he likes to re-image himself every ten years or so just to get a new angle on life and living.  So many find it so easy to keep things in the same rut, decrying any change or upheaval in behavior, habits, routine, pattern.  To live life without the opportunity to shake the foundations once in a while means that boredom and routine are given the first class seats, provided they change nothing. The result is that life becomes staid, colorless, unimaginative, stiff.

Over the last 50 years or more, there was a television soap opera to which many committed their daily attention.  It was a way to live life outside oneself, by acting out the dilemmas and dynamics of the actors in this story.  The sad part is that, for many, the drama became not just the life story of those on the screen, but those in front of it, spending their time watching and identifying with it.  There is still a lot of that going on, even though that particular saga has been dropped.

Create Your Authentic Life

When did it happen that permission was given to substitutes to take on our life script?  When was it that we lost our own vigor for creating on our own stage a real life story that tells about me and who I am and what I amount to?  What happened that we relinquished the role of starring performer in our own life’s drama?  Living out life according to someone who simply plays a part is a poor way to find your own unique authenticity.

Maybe the more adventurous we are prepared to be, the more probing into the secrets of our own persona, the more exciting and clever we will find ourselves and those who choose to join our circle.  Maybe our own penchant to be creative permits a real, pleasing and authentic invitation to others to join us in this new adventure.

Watching adolescents and children who have not been herded into that syndrome that says “be like this,”  “act like that,”  imitate this or that is a refreshing way to become aware that our own life’s script doesn’t have to be the same old dull retelling of habits and patterns that I have always followed.  Maybe it is possible to break loose, to play a new role, to set out on an adventure that may re-image my life and how I want to live it.  Could that really be?

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