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Seniors Adjust to Change

While it is often disconcerting to admit one has been in error for so long, I have just now learned that my long deeply instilled practice of typing two spaces instead of one at the end of a sentence is incorrect. In fact, just now,  I had to go back to correct that same practice. It will be a very difficult habit to break, worse than biting one’s nails. In this column, for the first time, I am instituting the practice of one space following every sentence. So, one may ask who says there should be just one space. Typographers that’s who.

When learning to type way back in the dark ages of the 50’s, the practice was drilled into us during our typing classes. Now, all these years later, trying to learn a “new” style is almost a sacrilege.

Just imagine, for a moment, all that could have occupied that wasted space over the years.  Conjure up how many additional words could have been used.  Picture how much more verbose I  might have been. While I don’t count the words, my computer does.

The practice of eliminating one space at the end of every sentence is somewhat like a three button suit, when only two are in style. While this rule has been in place for longer than I care to admit, I must ask: what will come next?  Will such redundant spaces be dropped altogether?

Will we begin and end our sentences much like this:”Now is the time for all good men to come together” to drop that extra space.

While many practices have been dropped because they no longer make sense to continue them, are we to have any need to preserve some of those practices, well just because?

Perhapsasentencethatreadslikethiswillsoonbeinvogue. Perhapsnot.

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