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The Day’s Beginning

The night had passed well and I awoke at the usual morning hour, around 5:30.  While drowsy, fading in and out, being aware of invasive thoughts and recollections of a full yesterday, there was something more going on.  The doctor had prescribed a prescription which might have had something to do with it.  Whatever it was, there came with it thoughts and disturbances, not altogether welcome.   Enough physical discomfort of late has helped prompt an unusual awareness of mortality.  Over recent holidays, there were several deaths of friends and family.  That always brings home the recognition that you are at the station, waiting for your own train to arrive.

Finally, daylight crept in through the windows and with it, other agendas and ideas having to do with the coming day.  That which was caught up in capturing me in its net, began to loosen and free me to go on living and planning another day.

Once in awhile, those early morning wake up calls have a way of nudging us.  They give us reason to think about our health, our struggles, our fantasies, our fears, our anticipations, our needs.

There is no need to over indulge in them.  There is no call to allow them to captivate and imprison us with negatives.  There is no rush to try to figure them out.  They happen.  They are a part of our mortality.  Readying ourselves for some out there tomorrow is not an assignment we are required to have in perfect order.  Being aware that our life still has much to give us is something we can come to with genuine appreciation.  In the meantime, when met with an early morning wake up call, we can lend that some of our attention.  We can also brush it away, when we have given it quite enough time, and be on with it.  That is, get on with your day of pleasure and expectation.   Life is a jumble of ups, outs, ins, downs, overs, unders and whatever other form it may take.  Giving it permission to help us over the next hump, to reach the top of the next hill, to look toward the horizon of another day is what we are invited to do. So hit the alarm button, feet to the floor, eye to the prize and get on with your day.  Every wake up call calls us to be at our best.

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