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Signs of Aging

Occasional reminders, nudges and grins remind me that I have either missed a loop, left a zipper undone or have a wayward shoestring trailing in my wake.

These seem to be three of the signs of aging.  So easily overlooked, they seem to occur with rather increasing frequency.  Its almost as bad, as the dropped letters that become more and more numerous as I type.

One day I was in the office of the Assisted Care Facility, where Mom lived.  A young staff member was there, at work.  Somehow, the subject turned, likely I turned it, to respect of older persons.  I waxed eloquent for a bit and was about to depart, when the young woman said to me, “Mr. Elrod?”  “Yes,”  I replied.  “I respect you,” she duly noted.  “But, your zipper needs zipping.”   Humility flooded me in buckets.  Before delivering the speech, its best to be prepared.

Keep a Sense of Humor

While all of these infractions amount to nothing more than minor embarrassments, they are ways of reminding us that oversight, forgetfulness and impropriety, however it happens, occurs to us all. Such red faced moments as these and others may produce, they  are nothing more than slight indications of our forgetful natures.

Yea, one thing more they represent.  The missed belt loop is a sign of less fastidiousness than once experienced.  Shoestrings untied border on sloppiness, missed belt loops on indifference, zippers, pure forgetfulness.  Checking oneself for such easily made errors will reduce the likelihood for embarrassment and correction. Asking your partner to do an inventory with you may help to avoid such infractions.  Remaining slightly obsessive-compulsive over such matters may not be a bad habit to incur.

And if nothing else works, laugh it off.  A sense of humor get us seniors a long way in life at this point.  After all, they will want to be able to say of him, “Indeed, he was always well dressed down to his shoelaces.”

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