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Choices as we Age

Making choices has consequences.  Every choice we make may lead to an outcome unpredictable and undesirable, or outcomes may be very positive. At the time we make a choice, we aren’t always aware of how dramatic the results may be.  If life is seen as a boat floating on calm seas, that is the most desirable of situations, particularly as we age.

Therapists, counselors, physicians, and pastors will all tell you that keeping your ship trim and floating on calm seas offers opportunity to be mentally fit, physically strong, happily serene.

When a ship is out of trim, it is likely to be unprepared for a voyage. Keeping in mind that any journey requires readiness, give consideration to these choices before launching your ship into what can be rough waters.Stormy Seas : Waves breaking against a lighthouse in Italy

Be aware that flat seas do not make for a calm journey.  Launching your ship will mean being aware of its condition, of weather reports, of changes in conditions as you travel further into deeper waters.

If possible invite a second mate along.  Making a serious voyage will mean needing to be fully equipped, thoroughly prepared, courageous in the face of the unforeseen.

Prepare for Future Aging

Stock up sufficient provisions for your journey.

Make sure your communications are in good working order as you make your way across open waters.

Have a travel plan, share information as to your itinerary.

Before departing, have a thorough check up.  Make sure your physical condition is strong for what may lie ahead.

While the most desirable and sought after trip will be to float on calm seas, be readily aware that you will not always be in control of that.

All of us may desire an experience in which our journey will be free of distress, always be ready for the possibility of needing to signal for help.

Never assume that you will be able to make a trip without support systems that are at the ready to get you through your journey.

Floating on calm seas can only be a hope, not a guaranteed outcome.  There is much to taking on such a voyage.  There are ways to  be encouraged. There are prayers to be lifted.  Making one’s way through the treacherous storms of the seas of life calls us to be humbly accepting of what may be.

Remembering the sailor’s counsel, prepare for what may lie ahead:

“Red sky at night, sailor’s delight

Red sky in the morning, sailor’s take warning.”

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