Aging at Home… or Not

Jun 23rd, 2020 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Considerations to Think About

As we age, we begin to face the decision regarding whether to remain at home or move into a care facility such as retirement home or assisted living or nursing home if that level of care is required. So many things to think about!

Sometimes the tough decision gets made for us as a result of illness, accident or some kind of impairment. In that case we may have to make the decision to move into assisted care or a nursing home because we simply can no longer care for ourselves. Close family and friends (hopefully!) are around to help with the decision as well as arrangements for the move.

Or you might need care with meals or housekeeping or personal care or driving, and are able to arrange for these services without making a move. If that is an option for you, go for it!

If you are fortunate enough to have good health and can still take care of yourself, including meals/personal care/housekeeping/driving, you are likely not yet facing the tough decision about where you live. If this is your circumstance, SCJ advises you check in with a trusted friend or family member to be sure your judgment isn’t impaired. That can happen without our knowledge, and we need to have a person around with whom we can do a reality check.

Do I Need Help?

If you are beginning to think about the possibility of needing help with the basics (meals, personal care, housekeeping, driving) you are looking at how and when to make the tough decision. This is a time when we seniors really need a trusted friend/companion/family member who can help us wade through the questions.

Some of the considerations/questions we seniors face as we begin thinking about aging at home vs. a care facility include

**Can I safely prepare my meals? bathe or shower safely? clean my house safely? drive safely?

**If I cannot do one or more of those safely, do I have the resources to seek help and can I follow through getting the help I need?

**If I don’t have the resourcecs to pay for a care facility, do I have someone in my family/friend circle who can help me do that? Application for elder care offered by the state may be necessary.

**Am I emotionally prepared for moving to a care facility and being happy there?

Again, having a friend or family member available to help you sort through these questions, and many others unique to your personal situation is important.

Even more important is your ‘self-talk’, that is, what you say to yourself about a difficult topic. Preparing for moving to a care facility or having caregivers in your own home must begin before the need actually arises. Talk to yourself about it now. Don’t avoid it just because it’s a tough thing to think about, let alone talk about. Take a deep breath and jump in. Raise all the ‘what-ifs’ you can think of. Begin to get comfortable with the notion of having someone in your home to care for you, or for moving to a care facility. If you begin to prepare now, the transition and adjustment to being cared for will be a much easier one.

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