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Senior Citizen Self-Affirmation is Good!

No matter what this cannot be taken from me.  No matter what, losing my own individuality and unique persona, even though there are changes yet to come, cannot be stolen from me. My self is who I am.  And my self is who I will always be.  Although there will be features and behaviors and appearances that may, likely will, change, I am still going to be me. And that me is what expresses all I have experienced, learned, has become so essentially a part of who I have come to be.

There may be detours, dramatic alterations, surgeries, adjustments, but they do not have to radically change the who, in who am I?   My who is still mine.  My identity continues to be a critical part of what contributes to the reason my life, my health, my mind are kept strong and vital and vibrant. Interacting with others requires sufficient strength and alertness to be able to do so.

Preventing a loss of independence is a major assignment as we age. There are some activities we will be required to curb, but those can be done deliberately and over a period of time.  Accepting those alterations does not have to include a major trauma, difficult tensions, and conflict within the family.  Much of how these will be managed will be entirely up to you.  Resisting will not help.  Cooperating will.  Recognizing will be necessary.  Accommodating very helpful.

Of course, there may be physio and psychological contributors to some of our behavior changes, which will take careful medical, perhaps even psychiatric review.  Trying to stem the tide of dementia and stubbornness will be in our best self interest.  So long as our abilities allow, it will be more pleasant for everyone if we can sustain as much of a familiar persona as possible.

Mental Alertness Crucial for Senior Healthy Living

Wanting to remain me and being able to do so will require some essential disciplines.  Mental and physical exercises will be at the top of that list. Laziness is a demon which will take over your self and do all in its power to negate your otherwise healthy desires and intentions.  Giving in and giving up because of physical impairments are tendencies to avoid at all costs. Being who  you are and who you want to be before and with others will keep your life active and pleasant.

Mental stimulation and physical exercise go hand in hand.  Keeping your brain active and your body well-toned will mean a world of difference for you and me as we age productively. That’s the mantra… we want to partner together to age productively.

This undertaking is not an egotistical fantasy.  Rather it is an ego driven intention that will create for you and those around you a more functional and enjoyable life experience.

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