Achieving Lovability

Apr 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Looking for a new hobby? How about working on your Lovability? Know anyone who could well invest time, thought and worthwhile enterprise to do just that? How about that person staring back from the mirror every morning?

Lovability, like most qualities, requires cultivation. There are cases, however, and those are to be desired, when lovability seems to be second nature for some. My mother is one of those. She exudes lovability. It is returned to her in kind. She doesn’t spend any extra time developing it, it just comes out of an ordinary joy in relating kindly, generously, lovingly to people.

In contrast, there are those for whom smiles come with great struggle, kind words with enormous infrequency and inordinate difficulty. Taking the initiative to speak or acknowledge another person seems to be beyond their care or ability. Likely such behavior produces little to no kind exchanges. Or, if it does, it is never met with reciprosity.

The garden of our souls requires tending. It is from our souls that the sunshine of joy bathes all who encounter us. It is from goodness shared that goodness is gained. It is from affection invested that the great dividends of returned love come.

Achieving lovability is an open doorway to full and fruitful living. It is the means by which one’s life is made rich and abundant and graceful. Achieving lovability expels the sour and negative and bitter and mean spirits which try to invade and overwhelm us. It is our own choice to shut the door tight against such creeping and insidiously tenacious vines that would choke our hearts.

Achieving lovability makes for the blessings of a good life.

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