Accommodating Pain

Mar 30th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

One of the givens of aging, one of the profit sources many pharmacy companies pursue, one of the huge OTC products in any pharmacy or grocery store is the presence of pain and sundry medications to address it.

Today’s market is filled with options. Some promise amazing results. There are so many potions, pills, ointments, rubs, salves, potencys, supplements, balms, devices, lotions, pain relievers, gels on today’s market, one would think relief would be just one purchase away.

But sometimes they just don’t work. Sometimes they don’t seem to address the particular, localized, aggravating discomfort and the pain goes on. Now, what? Then where does one go in search of some easing of the discomfort, overcoming of the pain?

Today there are numerous ways pain may be addressed. We haven’t even chosen to go nuclear yet by listing or discussing here prescribed big time meds which can offer relief, but may carry significant side effects. Depending upon the nature of the pain, the counsel of a respected physician, your own experience and background be aware of possible side effects that may create more serious problems.

Accommodating pain sometimes means throwing the dice. Obviously, accommodating is the operative word. This means that one may need to resort to other than conventional medical care or prescriptions or other medications. Natural means are now available which give credence for exploring other options that do not include putting chemicals into your body to treat a given pain. There are naturopathic physicians who can guide you into an arena of previously unexplored treatment options. These may include acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, exercise regimens, yoga, any of a number of Oriental disciplines as well as meditation. Depending upon the pain, willingness to be open to untried methodologies may give satisfaction and release from pain never before imagined.

There are other options, not here mentioned. Among them, without going into full detail, are hypnosis, relaxation techniques, meditation disciplines that can alter the psyche sufficiently to decrease, minimize or perhaps even eliminate pain. No promises or guarantees are given here. However, measuring the pain against progress will be your/our way of knowing if/what/when any of these methods may be working. Good luck, pain is a deterrent to the full and rich life all of us seek to achieve.

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