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Weather Patterns Changing

If you follow the daily accounting of weather patterns, the picture shows that for most of the nation, temperatures of recent date have been above normal, while rainfall has been below normal. What this suggests, I am not meteorologist enough to know.  It presents, however, a picture of lessening water supplies, days with more sun, and drought in those areas where drought has consequences that affect us all.

By now, for everyone except the non thinkers, there is ample scientific evidence that climate change is real.  It is supported by more than just daily trends of temperature and moisture.  It is complex enough that many simply turn their backs on any consideration of it at all.  This, in itself, is a phenomenon that seems endemic to some and epidemic to others.  There is something going on and while weather scientists struggle to explain the goings on, for most of us, trying to understand it, is a struggle of our own.

Not liking information is no reason to decry its validity. There was a cartoon on line this morning showing a woman returning two pair of glasses to the optometrist, with her declaring that she was returning them because “her husband was still not seeing things her way.”  Atta girl!   Denial, while not a river in Egypt, is still a favored strategy of many.

Avoiding Reality is Not the Answer

When, as inevitability takes hold, the climatological circumstances continue to impact large sections of the country and the world, as has already been the case, perhaps an awakening will occur.  Three major hurricanes which have flooded homes and ruined infrastructures have been proof enough that stubborn resistance to another such event is not an exercise in good judgment.  Nature will and does have her way.

Intelligent beings are not necessarily rational beings.  Self interest does not always act in the best interest of those whom it affects.  Deliberate avoidance is, however, a human foible that impairs good judgment, sound reasoning and reaching conclusions that favor reasonable outcomes.

Arguments over some issues, e.g. evolution, have continued to thrive in spite of reasonable explanations.  Some folk just can’t let it go.  It is as if yielding to simple and obvious conclusions is a threat to one’s very being.  For these when the temperatures moderate and the rain falls, they will say “see I told you there was no problem.”

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