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A Valentine Tribute

It isn’t often seniors choose to reach very far outside our own circle of romance. Comes Valentine’s Day and we think of those who are especially close to us. They are the ones to whom we extend our greetings of love, our symbols of affection, like candy and flowers and sentimental cards.  When it is a serious message we send, it may include a piece of jewelery or an item especially desired by the recipient.

But there are others who are especially deserving of our messages of deep down affection, respect, honor and tribute. Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly rank among those deserving of such recognition.  Following on the tragic attack in a grocery store parking lot on an ordinary Saturday morning, they have chosen for their lives to be dedicated to espousing sanity and safety in the gun control issue.

They haven’t had to do that.  But they have.  They believe that being a living valentine, by symbolizing the genuine message of caring for and protecting others, standing up for humane and courageous principles is the real message of love delivered in words and actions.

My Thanks to Gabby and Mark

My Senior Valentine Message is directed to Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly. What they are giving to all of us is the appreciation of our need to be a loving and caring society in which it is safer to live, in which our actions speak louder than our words and in which our sentiments are turned into convictions for a world in which young children need not fear a heinous attack upon their quiet and unassuming lives.

This special day might be one in which tribute is paid not only to Gabby and Mark and their efforts, but to the parents and many others who have experienced the ripping apart of their lives, the damaging of the joy of this and other special days.

Let us stand with a symbol of love, a simple valentine emblazoning our breast, as a sign of a deep commitment that others need not know such grief and despair.  Let all of us join hands in knowing how much our shared love means, our readiness to mutually care, our dedication to hold back the dark hurting that is created by malicious acts.

Let the good of those who are committed to the sport of gun use join with those who have been so seriously and gravely injured by loss, find a ground of common unity in which our mutual goal prevents such pain from being repeated.

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