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Forgiveness for Healthy Senior Living

For any seniors who may have forgotten, today is Valentine’s Day. An appropriate gift for any who may have overlooked this special occasion is forgiveness.  As a matter of fact, a card, given on this day, when it has dawned that you had missed such an important occasion, that asks forgiveness and offers a blanket act of forgiveness might just be an appropriate consideration.

None of us is so thorough in all our attentions to others that we don’t miss an enormously special observation now and again.  It is then that we appreciate forgiveness for our oversight.  It is then that we need to compensate for our unintended failure.  Forgiveness feels good when we know that our slight has caused at least a mild disappointment.  Sharing each other’s awareness of how special we find the other to be is one of the benefits of deeply held affection.

Do Not Dwell on Oversights

Do not allow your oversight to haunt you. Find a way to reinforce just how wonderfully delicious you find the other to be.  Do not skip over the slight, as if it is just another ordinary day.  Find some way to compensate.  Turn your slip up into an act of magic, allowing your other to know how important  it is that you are willing to demonstrate just how foolish you feel and how much you need them to know it.

Then, move on with the rest of the day or several days in such a way that a Valentine once given, expresses a forever love that never is forgotten.

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