A Sense of Proportion

Dec 15th, 2008 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

(This article appeared as a Letter to the Editor in a local paper on November 30, 2000. Somehow, it still seems relevant.)

It was an absolutely stellar afternoon. The fall leaves literally glistened as the sun reflected their rays against their brilliant hues. On television, the same drab commentary continued to evaluate the democratic process, although new and strange in its present form, nonetheless ever vibrant and strong as it seeks to sort our fairness and justice and right.

And so we took a ride. We wandered the country lanes of northern Anderson County, where we saw the real beauty of a world that cares nothing for elections or recounts, attorneys or judges. It is a world full of the luster of a surprise autumn, when the colors leave one breathless. New England has nothing on us this year. We are in the middle of a kaleidoscope of colors greater than any ever put together by Crayola.

Two deer, a fawn and her mother, crossed ahead of us, making their way safely to some refuge away from automobiles and hunters. It was a moment of quiet reverence for family, for peaceful respect, for admiring nature. No disputes here, just the need to survive.

A Hawk had found his meal for the day and busily doing what all must eventually do, give attention to sustenance.

The sun and shadows played with each other to make the afternoon ever more spectacular. It was a blissful escape into a world too little known, not enough appreciated by a world so caught up in itself and its moment. There is so much more beyond the presumed and affected importance of today’s headlines. This too will pass away. We will either choose to be lesser or greater for it. And we will emerge from it. Meanwhile, take an afternoon ride and enjoy the things of nature that have been around for much longer than even our democracy.

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