A Senior’s Retort: Computer’s Down and So Am I

Jun 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Senior Moment’s is a little late this morning.  Our Server Network was down all day yesterday.  I guess it’s a little like the train is late or the plane is cancelled or the Doctor is in surgery.  Things happen.  When you become dependent (co-dependent?) on some of life’s necessities (again ?) it seems to affect us at our core.

These times seem to be flush with conveniences.  We are daily met with excuses and disclaimers: Sorry, but that delivery didn’t come in; Our supplier will restock in two to three weeks;  the Plumber is just overwhelmed and can’t get to your place for ten days;  the electrical outage was unexpected and will be turned back on in 48 to 72 hours;  that part for your car is not available; the doctor/dentist cannot possibly work you in until next month.  Such is daily life in a world of conveniences and services.

It can get you down, if you let it.  Might as well go with the flow or is that flood?  In a global world and economy, nothing is as sure as we  had been led to believe it would be. 

The true condition of the world is “maybe it will be ready Friday.”  The message:  “Don’t count on it.”

Predictability is found more in uncertainity.  The Suprise is when something works or a plan really does come together.  Sound cynical?  Not at all, just practically realistic.  If you don’t work yourself up to a set of full expectations that something will happen as you expected, you will be less affected.  Assume disappointment, expect delay, anticipate some dysfunction.  Then you will be armored with the necessary attitude which will enable you to meet it with appropriate aplomb.  “Oh well” is a rather healthy response.  Moving on to some other activity in which you may have more fully some control may be just the thing to do. 

When the computer or the car or the refrigerator or the television is on the blink, there is no reason for us to be.  Life is not defined by technological sundries that surround us.  We  aren’t controlled by the click of a button.  Our lives can be fully lived and totally effective by staying in charge of the events which bombard us.  We aren’t an extension of the machinations of everything beyond our control.  Take a moment.  Decide when your computer goes down that the world is still good. We lived a long time without the damn thing.  We can live longer and free of its maddening menace.

By the way, I got through the day quite nicely!  Thanks for dropping by to see If we are still around.

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