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Overwhelming Knowledge in Today’s World

The older I get the less I know.  Overwhelmed and inundated by the sheer volume of technology these days, handicapped by my own lack of self confidence, hampered by some vision problems (macular degeneration), I am discovering how difficult it is to be current with everything that is out there. Understanding it all is like taking on a whole new language and trying to be fluent in it in a matter of hours.

Early on, with the advent of computers and clunky cell phones, there was some creeping intimidation.  Soon, the basics, as in earlier learning to type, began to take hold.  But now, when there is a new device and application coming out every other minute; what in the world does one do to keep up?

New Technology Stimulates Brain Activity

Because I seem to grow older as quickly as something new comes out, there is the struggle of my keeping up with what is already way out there. A lot of seniors are taking on these new challenges and comfortably overcoming any intimidation they might introduce.  I have a friend who is constantly on his Ipad and learning something new almost by the minute.  It is inviting, at the same time it is somewhat overwhelming.

If one decides to try to stay alert and current, it is possible to do so. If one chooses to be overcome by the sheer audacity of all this technocratic flood coming our way, then likely it will be difficult to take on the challenge.

Brain stimulation and physical exercise are the two key components to aging productively. Seniors need to decide for themselves what the stimulation and exercise shall be.  Learning new technology will definitely stimulate your brain. Keeping your toe in the water will at least assure you that you can be a part of the conversation.  Being left out is no fun.  Decide what you can accommodate.  Choose to learn some of the language.  Take on the techonocratic challenges that you can manage.  You don’t want to be the last one on the block or in your generation to join this revolution which is just another way to stay young and vital.

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