A Senior’s List for Gifting

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If you are a list maker, then this column may have some appeal for you.  One of the conditions we face, as we mature, is to  procrastinate at those things which don’t seem to have such immediacy.  We manage our day to day routines fairly well, but when it comes to the issues lying in wait, we have a tendency to put them off.  That is both natural and normal.  However, it creates situations in which, eventually, the items that we avoid or ignore come to the top of the list.  So, today let’s see if we can identify some lists we need to make or come up with a Mother list which spawns minor lists of things to do and concerns to address.

*Review the legal tasks that require a trust, will, and other matters of disposition of an estate. Be aware of the need  to update this list periodically .

*Ascertain the need for and completion of instructions for a memorial service upon my death.  This, of course, presumes the choice of having a service.

*Complete an inventory of all assorted collected items which will require distribution among family, friends, others.  Identify to whom each item goes and make a list outlining to whom all items are to be distributed.

*If there are papers, writings, and other collected memorabilia be sure it is dispatched to an appropriate depository:  someone in the family who looks after geneology details,  and may be the designated the family curator.

*Determine ways to reduce photographs, clippings, etc. which can be kept without consuming a large amount of space.

*Ascertain if there are other items which need to be appropriately collected and kept for future distribution.  Be sure to include any items that may be in a safe or a safety deposit box.

*Use care in determining what items may need to be destroyed.  Do not discard any items until consulting with the primary family member who is familiar with the items and what value they may have.

*Make a list of those items, including furniture, silver, crystal, china, etc. and indicate to whom they are to go.  Assume nothing.  Be sure each item is marked with name of person(s) to whom it is to go.

*When all the lists are made, duplicate and be sure all appropriate persons are given a copy.  If an attorney or trustee is involved, be sure they are included. 

Keep in mind that the purpose of this meticulous list making is to avoid misunderstandings and conflict.  If it is in writing and substantiated with identifying marks, the likelihood is that all will go smoothly at the time and upon the necessity of dividing the items among family, friends, institutions, etc.  Enjoyment of the shared items will then be experienced by all and the memory from where they come will be appropriately cherished.

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