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Hazel Louise (Fitzgerald) Elrod

November 2, 1919-April 11, 2013

Jerry has been writing the past couple of weeks about death and dying, loss of loved ones and the importance of family and friends when one is in grief. His mother, Hazel, died Thursday, April 11, 2013. She lived in our home these past six months, with Jerry and Sharon being the primary caregivers. Hospice accepted Hazel in to their tender and competent care in late October, 2012.

More than a year ago, Hazel requested that we take her into our home when we knew death was approaching. She wanted to be cared for by Hospice and us, and she wanted to die in our home. Our agreement was an easy one because we participated in caring for Sharon’s mother 30 years ago, and her father 15 months ago, as they went through their last days at home, surrounded by the love of family.

Hazel was a genuinely loving person. She cared for others in a nursing career. She deeply loved her husband and son. Her grandson, Joel, was ‘the apple of her eye’. And she and Sharon had an unusually close and loving relationship. The shared love made it easy to have her in our home and care for her.

She will be buried beside her husband, Joe Regester Elrod, in Concord Cemetery, Anderson County, Texas, less than a mile from where she grew up.

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