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Senior Disappointment with Lack of Statesmanship

Having avidly kept up with politics for several decades, beginning when I was in about the seventh grade, it comes as a surprise that I am ready to surrender my infatuation and interest in the subject.  It comes with grave disappointment over the lack of persons who qualify as “statesmen and women,” over the refusal of persons to look beyond their small minded propositions to the larger whole of the body politic.  It comes when there is no indication that listening and leading are two qualities of consummately good politicians.  It comes when principles are sacrificed without a thought to consequences.  It comes when ideals are no longer espoused, and ideas aren’t even given a chance.

Maybe this is what happens in a democracy the age of America’s. Maybe the slow decay began a long time ago.  Maybe the educational qualities required to keep a great republic from falling into the abyss were surrendered long before now.  Maybe the high minded became so discouraged themselves that they gave into to the low chicanery of tricky politics.  Maybe what we thought was happening really wasn’t.  And those who thought they were making things happen in the best interest of this country, our country, really weren’t.

Political Scene Changed

There was a time when the saviors of society seemed readily identifiable.  What they did seemed to make sense.  What they stood for seemed worth it.  What they fought to do to keep the country on a steady, appropriately progressive course stirred us all to work together.

No longer.  The shadows of greed, the agendas of lobbyists, the small minded causes that keep the people at odds are such that there is no longer civil discourse.  The pointed finger, the raised voice, the interruptions before a sentence is half finished are the new rules.

So politics and politicians hold no appeal for me any longer.  It is difficult to put faith and promise in anyone who asks for trust and confidence.  Send me no more requests for support.  Make no more calls begging my siding with this week’s cause.  Remove me from emails and any form of solicitation at all.  It is going to take some time before my confidence in those who say they stand for the things I thought I did will win any kind of assurance that we hold anything at all in common.

Just let me wallow in the despair of disappointment and grief for awhile.  I may be back, but you who invite me must do so with a voice of reason, a commitment to American idealism, dedication to helping those who need it most, and an understanding of the historical journey which continues to remind us who we are.

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