A Sending Forth for Another Retiree Weekend

Jun 19th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

When everyday is a holiday for retirees what’s the good of a weekend? What sets it apart, giving it its own special notoriety.  Slipping into the rut of Friday and Saturday and Sunday being just another day is dangerous. 

Not fatally dangerous, mind you, but dangerous!  When days become like pennies, that you no longer stoop to pick up, that is downright scary.  The difference in ordinary and extraordinary is imagination and creativity

Putting plans in place before the weekend begins is one strategy.  Acting spontaneously is quite another. Getting out from under routine is the challenge before the senior as the weekend approaches. 

Here are some don’ts:  Don’t do today what you can put off until Monday.  Don’t work on your car, unless it won’t run and you can’t go where you would like to have gone on Saturday.  Don’t do housework, that can well wait until Tuesday.  Don’t watch TV, you do that everyday anyway.  Don’t play golf, unless you don’t play during the week.  For God’s sake, don’t go shopping.  That is so ordinary and what everybody who isn’t a senior or retired does.  If it’s too hot, don’t go fishing.  Since it is likely too hot for several of the available options, don’t get out in the heat, you may get heatstroke or dehydrated.  In all events, stay away from large crowds, car races, red neck events that will make your neck really red in the sun.

Come to think of it this may not be a good weekend for a lot of things.  Maybe the best thing to consider is a hammock in the shade of the old oak tree, a tall, cool one, a sleep shade over your eyes and a nice long nap.

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