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Positive Change on the Horizon

Is it possible a refreshing wind is blowing?  Is it really true that more and more of us are raising our voices and our hands in symbolic gestures of dissatisfaction?   Yes,  it really seems to be happening.  There seems to be more and more common, ordinary real down to earth human beings are decrying, with good cause, those who are crude and rude and foul and lacking in decency.

Examples include a junior, note junior, senator from Texas leaning on emotionally immature means for protesting the sanctity of our nation’s heritage.

The qualities of goodness and respect, genuine regard for acts of maturity, examples of statesmanship need to be given more room for expression in our culture.  How refreshing if adults found more cause for behaving with distinctive behaviors of kindness and humane examples of being thoughtful and genteel.

It is long past due that persons draw on the fine and admirable qualities of refined behavior, discriminating marks of superior goodness, elegant eloquence that marks more pleasant observations.

Seniors Call Out for Better Behavior

It seems it may not happen. It seems the crude and rude prevail.  However, an encouraging sign seems to be emerging.  There are more of us who are calling out the inferior and cheap examples of such callous defeatism.  Maybe the sterling qualities of  more refined behaviors are coming to the fore.  And, surely it is time.  It is time for a refreshing wind to blow.  It is time for those with demeaning behavior to be called out.  It is past time that more and more of us need to lend our voices to a sensitive and tasteful example of speaking up and out.  May a refreshing wind blow across our land, taking with it the callous and small renderings of pronouncements that make us less than we ought to be.

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