A Potpourri of Stimulations and Syncopations

Mar 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Most of what has been written here deals with stimulations and syncopations. An attempt to get us moving, to a new beat, rhythm or step in our daily living. Stepping out of the ruts of our routines can represent a major struggle. Seeing things differently, perceiving life events apart from our usual myopia requires urging and coercing. No matter our self perceived brilliance, we are human beings subject to habit, many of them negative and counter productive to our welfare.

Learning a new beat, a smoother step, listening to and getting the rhythm allows for excursions into wonderlands of fresh adventures. Enter a never before opened door, taken an unexplored path, venture into worlds and places and ideas never previously seen or considered. Stimulation and syncopation comes from the courage to go where you have never been. Ideas are our allies. Learning new words, probing wondrous and never before seen vistas opens up horizons of discovery.

The last several months of Senior Moments have been aimed at looking at a different shape of the box. Ordinary, trite, repetitious conceptualizing is no way to allow one’s mind to reach beyond confined borders. Break down the barricades. Imagine a new way of seeing and hearing and experiencing and embracing a world never before welcomed into your own universe.

Today is variety. Today is serendipity. Today is discovery. Today is pushing the envelope. Today is an eye opener. Today is seeing others for the first time. Today is believing that life can be different and fresh and new. Today is understanding frames of reference in a new context. Today is a new paradigm.

Lacking challenge and motivation, desire and willingness, life can become “same ol, same ol.” Choosing that as the operative means for managing existence works, but it can become awfully boring. Greeting others with the question: “what’s new” may be more challenging than asking “how are you?”

The choices we make every day become the moments of our creativity. The gift of 24 hours allows us to be in a divine position to shape our world for the day ahead.

Read back through some of what we have emphasized in the last 182 columns. Find those that may contribute to your conceiving new shapes and forms of your own being. You are not a marionette destined to repeat the same movements over and over. You are a fresh being, with the ability to breed new concepts and inventions. Choose to plunge into every day ready for new stimulations and syncopations.

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