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Seniors Enjoy Holidays With Families

We spent last week doing what we hope to do with more frequency.  Joined by our son and his darling, we converged in Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of  the Bahai in Mexico.  It was a blissful holiday, allowing for relaxation, celebration, contemplation  on the beach, restoration and reunion.

Its the kind of occasion worthy of intention.  It allows for the sheer joy of letting go and simply enjoying the slower passage of time, the indulgences that go with it, just doing simple things.

We can recommend such an escape, for it offers the sheer joy of pleasant pilgrimage and freedom from the ordinary routine of living.

There is something to be said for associating with people never before known; there is joy in struggling to understand another language and resorting to hand signals.   Service personnel, while tolerating day in, day out encounters with persons such as us, do so nevertheless with genteel grace.

Serenity and Contentment for Seniors

Lapping waves beachside provide a welcome serenity. The glistening sparkle of sky and ocean meet as we watch the stars and wonders of day turning into night.  Walks become strolls.  A delicious meal offers a banquet of delight.  The cuisine is varied and
always excellent.  A mariachi band offers us a concert.  Hospitality abounds when we are offered a complementary bottle of wine. Even the airline treated us with extra special care.  My cane and right arm in a sling seemed to exude more sympathy and careful attention than I deserved.

Lounging by the pool, while our son worked with the sound technician to provide more enjoyable music, we relished in the satisfactions of having quality time together, quite far away from the disturbances of modern life.

Such a get away  is  a luxury.  They offer times of hand holding, embracing, renewing and reviving. They are foundation stones for lasting memories.  They provide the seeds of joy and the nurture of love.  They enrich our hearts and souls.  It is a time for companionship full of happiness and grace.  It is a holiday worth having.

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