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A Merry Christmas to All!

Senior Citizen Journal is choosing to take a holiday respite during the next few days.  Most are inundated with their own appropriate distractions.  Some of us take time to check on the Internet, but to little avail.  There are some items worth reviewing, some not, many can wait.  I expect SCJ comes in the latter category.

Agendas are influenced by our most immediate needs and desires.  Right now, rightly so, it is with the people who mean most to you, if you are fortunate enough to have family close by.  Nothing wrong with that.

Such occasions afford the opportunity for expressing genuinely felt emotions and affirmations.  It is a time for celebrating the unusual in relationships, for affirming the deep and abiding meaning of memory, heart beat moments that allow for sentimental and well earned recollections.

So, today and tomorrow as you go about the joy of sharing and mustering joy for the holiday, this is your time. It is your time to indulge in the satisfaction of having a family to affirm, your time to share the warmth of embrace, your time to look deep into the eyes of another with expressions of affection and the satisfaction that life has brought you together at this juncture just for the purpose of letting one another know that this pause in life’s movement is for the purpose of touching, feeling, wanting to let each other know how precious each of you is.

May the peace of Christmas and all other holiday experiences join to make this a time of sharing love, being loving and passing it on.

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