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Retirement Living Requires Respite

Seniors need to think about and plan short holidays away from the regular routine of retirement living. Such respites do not have to be expensive; they need to be planned within budget boundaries. And they also need to be a few days that offer a change of pace, relaxation and different scenery.

Two months ago, Sharon and I talked about spending some time in nearby mountains when the temperatures climb to over 100F in July. We knew we needed to plan in advance for reservations if we wanted to get a decent cabin with amenities necessary for senior citizens. She immediately got on the Internet and started searching for vacation spots, available lodging and lists of things to do.

We found Whispering Pines, near Payson, AZ. And we found a beautiful, pet-friendly cabin that sleeps eight, with a fenced yard for our pack. Situated near the Verde River in the Tonto National Forest, this little bit of heaven sounded perfect for the four or five days we wanted to get away. The spot is especially good for people who like to fish and hike; we no longer fish, but slow-paced hiking is a great adventure for us. And with three separate bedrooms and two separate full bathrooms, we decided to invite her sisters and a brother-in-law.

Food for Body and Soul

This article is written on the third day of our short holiday. We found the peace and solitude we were wanting. Just being able to change our pace, do some senior-paced hiking, visit local sites and experience cool evenings and mornings was the balm our bodies and souls searched for.

So when you are next looking for a few days of change in your routine, look near your home. Use your Internet search engine and find a spot that offers the kind of amenities that meet your needs. Find the vacation that is uniquely designed for your lifestyle, and go for it! You will discover that, even in retirement, seniors enjoy a get-away that provides new experiences for the eyes and ears, the body and soul.


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