A Great Evening, a Wonderful Win: A Senior’s Reflections

May 18th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

I didn’t like basketball for a whole lot of years.  If you had gone from one end of the court to the other, with everyone screaming, and finally realized it was because you hadn’t dribbled the ball at all, you might have felt a twinge of embarrassment too.  But now, all these millenia later when that memory has been shared too many times and you know more about basketball than you did then, and you can watch in the comfort of a den on a 50″ screen, things change.  The Suns whomped the Spurs and the next set promises to be equally stimulating. It is fun, at a later age, to come to the permission to enjoy such entertainment,  skill and wonderful excitement.

Never a sportsman of any kind in any arena, it is interesting that I can give up my poor performance for the sheer joy of cheering on the team of my choice. Never one who ever was able to play, to excel at any sport, I can now sit back and act as if I know what is going on.  This suggests that there is such a thing as redemption.  For goodness sake, I did not know for years, the rules of one game, much less another.  I never won a trophy.  It was years before my classmates, who were jocks, acknowledged me as a real man.  My god, I have finally arrived.  I know how to watch and participate in a game, even if vicariously.

And so now, after attempting to raise a son and help him meander through the jungle of sports activities, going to watch my grandson play (and soon thereafter, my granddaughter) certain sports exceptionally well,  there comes an enormous release that it is okay for the sports impaired to  come to the moment of total participation and absolute ecstasy to be in the stands.

So, here he is the one who has known  so little and understood less, who now can cheer on a team to win, understanding a little bit of what is happening, feeling some investment in the outcome and sharing in the group experience and satisfaction of feeling a part of the whole experience, the unusual moment, the sense of acceptance.  What a joy! What an evening!  What a win!

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