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Daily Routine Good for Seniors

Having a daily discipline as we age is recommended for all of us. Routines, both bad and good, are easy to establish.  I have never been a quick to rise person, meeting the morning with ready enthusiasm.  It is more tempting to surrender to the warmth of the covers, to yield to the temptation of putting off taking on the day.

Recommendations are many and in our best interest.

Exercise is, of course, even for those of us who resist it, the number one and favored way to enable the day to be met well. Of course, if you prefer a stimulus, such as coffee or hot tea to boost your arising, that is okay so long as it doesn’t deteriorate into reading the paper for an hour or so before getting around to exercising.

Taking a walk qualifies as exercise.  As does walking the dog. Again, briskness is the order of the day. Exercise gear encourages you to continue your exercise routine using several methods for doing so.

If, like me, you are just downright reluctant to adopt the mode of an exercise routine, then try to recruit someone, spouse, partner, friend, who will help with necessary motivation.

Tips for Exercise Routine

Joining an exercise club, with all the necessary equipment, is another way to establish a daily regimen for exercising. If such places are intimidating, then find a partner to join you.

There are other advantages to clubs, such as swimming, working out with equipment, setting goals that you will expect to reach from week to week.

While you are challenging yourself to a exercise program, remember your diet as well.  Let it be one of the reasons that you are engaging in an exercise routine.

Find ways to measure your progress, so that you gain encouragement from your hard work and commitment to an intentional program.

Keep it up.  Like so many things we try, it is easy to drop out and surrender to  old habits.

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