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The Life of Our Expectations

Passage of time has a way of getting our attention.  Before we know it, a flood of changes and reminders of what has happened as we have grown older takes place. One morning, it seems there have been a multitude of wake up calls during the night.  Now, in the sunlight of day, we begin to evaluate these stirrings.  We discover that the chronology of expectations which have contributed to where we are now have accumulated at our doorstep.

What happened? What were those ambitions and goals? When did the magic of day by day creativity and resolve disappear? Day by day! In that earlier time when life had a way of gifting us with so much bliss, we set out on our course to make a difference.  Suddenly, however, and somewhat incessantly came other demands, interferences, detours, unexpected interruptions.  These sent us off on other undertakings whose priority we didn’t seem to be able to challenge.

Our expectations were somewhat clear, although sometimes blurred by unanticipated biddings to be elsewhere and do otherwise.  If our conscience had been honed to take into account “right” and “good” we could find ourselves making choices accordingly.  Thus, what may have been in our best self interest was pointed in the direction of lofty ideals.

It was then, upon making the choice to do what was “right” that we, in retrospect, wonder now was “best.”

The Nature of Expectations

Our expectations were delayed.  Our ideals became our motivation.  And so, we thought, we were making healthy and wise decisions about what we would go about contributing to a better world. Not everyone, however, saw our choices as being contributors to a saner, safer world.

Our expectations often ran into those who had a different idea, a contradictory opinion, an oppositional perception.  It was they who stepped out into the middle of the road we were on and blocked our passage.  Now, looking back, we can name names, identify times, mark the very moment when our choice had enormous impact on the rest of our lives.

And so, our expectations were realigned.  And, surprisingly, in spite of the consequences, many good things came out of that realignment. Expectations were revised. Ambitions recalculated. Choices examined with an eye toward satisfaction.

In that process, in spite of ourselves, we found that expectations, whether our own or those influenced at the hand of others, served us better than we might have guessed.

We came to this inventory stage of our lives and found that our expectations and the reality that helped shape them were after all what life is.

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