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Wisdom From Seniors

Among the things seniors have to offer is good counsel, solid advice, perceptive experience, insight for living, helpful directions, humility, openness to new life discoveries.

Are you ready for all or any of this?  If so, jump in and commit to making yourself over to fit all or most of these descriptions as you age.

Cultivate a positive point of view.

Be open to others whose different opinions conflict with your own.

Stay aware of new discoveries that may contribute positively to your health.

Refuse becoming a curmudgeon.

Never assume your opinion is always correct.

Develop and maintain a healthy sense of humor

Allow experts to do what they do best.

Smile a lot. Laugh often.

Let kindness prevail in your behavior.

Be sensitive to the needs of others.

Treat your family gently and lovingly.

Affirm your love for others often and readily.

Remember kind deeds.

Repay them.

Be cautious, particularly in matters of finance.

Be trusting, trustworthy, and truthful.

Look for rainbows on rainy days.

Offer compliments when they are due.

Remain silent when it is appropriate.

Show others ways to be kind and understanding.

Lift others up, when they are down.

Keep calm in the face of conflict.

Be good at the important things.

Avoid those who sap energy from you.

Listen when listening is wise.

Be silent in situations where it is wise.

Learn well from others.

Seek never to hurt another with words or deeds.

Let the experience of aging be a happy one.

Keep a well kept appearance.

Let no one get the best of you.

Exercise patience.

Be frugal in your management of resources.

Be generous when charity is required.

Do not start or participate in arguments.

Affirm the qualities of those who are older.

Exercise compassion when it is due.

Identify efforts that contribute to good will.

Participate in causes that help to improve the world.

Read profusely.

Keep educating yourself.

Resist being holier than thou.

Be willing to embrace others in their pain.

Be available to those who are lonely.

Assist the disabled crossing the street.

Join in games that are entertaining.

Learn something new every day.

Read or make lists like this that help you in your journey.

Let love and kindness and tenderness and gentleness be abundant in your life.

Find ways to generate positive energy wherever you are.

Without counting, trust that there 50 suggestions to help you celebrate getting older.

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