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Let’s talk Europe


Reids Guide (http://www.reidsguides.com/trip_planning.html)  is geared toward preparing for and booking a European vacation, most of it applies to planning any trip—whether it be how to find the cheapest airfare or how and what to pack.


I love this site called Travelistic Videos of Europe (http://www.travelistic.com/place/region/Europe) as it provides hundreds of videos on European countries.  A few examples for you to check out the site are:


My Travel Guide for Europe (http://www.mytravelguide.com/global/cntravelguide-168401-Europe_travelguide.html) has Europe Travel Guides, Europe Hotel Reviews and Information,Top Europe Hotels, Top Europe Attractions, and Top Europe Restaurants.


EuropeBy.Com (http://www.europeby.com/) can help you with hotels and resorts, Travel guides and other destinations.


About.com is a powerful site with lots of information of all kinds at http://goeurope.about.com/. You may browse topics such as:


You may sign up for James Martin’s  European Travel News Newsletter by sending in your e-mail address at http://goeurope.about.com/gi/pages/stay.htm.  He further adds the Top Places to See and Best Places to Stay.  He writes “If it’s your first trip to Europe you’ll want to hit the high spots. Just keep in mind that what’s “best” for you depends upon what you really like to do or see. Here are some very popular places to go and things to do in Europe sprinkled with some of my favorite off the beaten track destinations.” Enjoy them all.  jeb

  1. Europes Most Popular Capitals
  2. My Favorite Smaller Cities in Europe
  3. Europes Top Regions
  4. Best Wine Regions
  5. Europes Top Monuments and Palaces
  6. European Roads and PlacesMaps and Virtual Tours
  7. The Best Ways to Travel Around Europe

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