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Seniors Save Money With Coupons

Most of us senior citizens live on fixed incomes, and that means we look for every available opportunity to stretch our Social Security and pension benefits.  Shopping with coupons offers a lot of options for making every penny count.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider as you work your way through your monthly budget:

  • Use Internet websites to find coupons for items you buy regularly or want for a special purchase.  Some of the most widely used sites are, Everyday Savings Center on, Red Plum and
  • Sunday newspapers still have all those annoying Sunday inserts that fall out of the paper when you open it.  And a ton of coupons are on those inserts. If you don’t take the Sunday paper find someone who does, and who doesn’t want to be bothered with the inserts.  They are frequently found in public places, so you might want to scout around to find where you can pick them up.

Seniors Use Computers to Save Money

  • Again, use your computer.  Subscribe to your favorite grocery, clothing, household goods, etc, stores online.  You will get emails about special sales they have, and links to coupons to maximize your savings during sales.  If you shop for sales and use coupons, you frequently stretch your funds much farther than you could have thought.  You can even create your shopping list on many store online sites, so that when you go to the store, all you have to do is have your frequent shopping card swiped, and the coupons are automatically deducted.
  • Use frequent shopping cards/loyalty cards with all the stores that you frequent regularly.  They not only offer weekly specials and discounts, but many of them have ‘rewards’ for accumulating points for purchases, and you can pick up free items as a result.  Put the little plastic-coated tags on your key ring so it is handy when you check out of your favorite grocery or drug or clothing store.
  • SCJ’s Travel Editor writes letters every week to manufacturers generally commending them for a product or service he enjoyed.  Occasionally he has a complaint that he communicates very carefully, to avoid offending the company.  Invariably he gets a response that includes a free product or coupon or communique that opens the door for a discount.  Writing letters or communicating with a customer service division online (the ‘Contact Us’ button) provides opportunity for seniors to save on all kinds of personal and household items.

Leave a comment here and let us know your favorite way to save money and stretch your fixed income dollars!


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  1. […] Senior Citizen Journal writes a lot about shopping tips and senior citizen discounts that help stretch the senior fixed income.  Senior finances remain one of the top 10 concerns of seniors everywhere.  Seniors find they save money if they apply discipline to their shopping expeditions. SCJ editors have come across some more suggestions on the Internet, and we share them with you in this post.// What percent of your income do you spend on food?  The average in the SCJ office is about 11%.  Statistics suggest seniors spend from seven percent to 35 percent of income on food.  The lower the senior income, the higher is spent on groceries.  So here are some suggestions you might find helpful as you plan your grocery shopping trips: […]

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