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Seniors Contribute to Work Force

Many seniors, living in retirement, do not want to stop working. They enjoy the activity. The extra income comes in handy. Seniors are living longer, and do not want to live those years on the rocking chair.

So where do you go and how do you begin to look for work? SCJ suggests the Internet. Following are a number of options for seniors who are interested in post-retirement work, part-time or full time. SeniorJobBank is touted as being ‘second to none’ in its ability to bring seasoned workers and available jobs together. One can search by type of job you are interested in and locale. RetiredBrains offers work possibilities online and on-site. They also provide other resources helpful to senior citizens and their families. This site puts the spotlight on part-time work for seniors. No actual jobs are described, but Internet links are provided for where seniors might go to find work.,-Senior-Citizen-Jobs-jobs.html: offers actual job descriptions and links to go to for more information and contact information. If you are looking for a job NOW, this is a good site to review. This article provides an exceptionally good description of part time jobs that are available to seniors. It describes the categories of jobs and has the potential to open a lot of doors for seniors who want part time or seasonal work. We don’t always think of all the options, and this article is a good one to open our eyes. RetirementJobSite offers descriptions of positions that are available to retirees. The list of part-time jobs is especially helpful, because many seniors do not want full time work.  Part-time meets the need.

A final option for seniors who are comfortable with using the Internet to search for information is to enter the phrase ‘part time work for seniors’ in your favorite search engine, and over 66 million website links will pop up. Rather daunting, but you can pick and choose which pages you want to peruse.

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