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The What-To-Buy Dilemma

Some seniors are lucky; they hit on just the right gift for each member of their family a few years ago, and have just repeated that every year for Christmas gift-giving.  Or they give gifts of money or gift cards to everyone, and it works for both the giver and receivers. Or you ask for a wish-list, and then make a choice about what to purchase from the various lists you get.

Others of us find ourselves in a quandary every holiday season.  We do a lot of searching and shopping to try to find just the right gift for our children and grandchildren. If you find yourself in this category, go to the Internet to find help for gift ideas.

Internet Help for Gift-Buying

Here are just a few SCJ found that might interest you:

  • AARP has an article that offers a lot of gifts for under $50.  Take a look at it here
  • C-Net has gifts of all kinds, at all prices.  Links are provided for Internet websites that offer secure ordering.
  • is a free online service that helps you get creative about gift-buying.
  • is that snazzy site that offers gifts that can be personalized.  Again, you can make purchases here with secure ordering.
  • is another one-stop shopping mall online.  All varieties and prices are available for easy Internet secure ordering.
  • And if you want to know gifts to avoid, take a look at this MSN article.  From useless gadgets to trashy lingerie, this list of 15 items NOT to buy is a good one to read and remember.

If you hit on a good site that works for you, make a note of it for future reference.  Making holiday shopping as easy as possible is the goal, both for this Christmas and all the Christmases to come.


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