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Positive Thinking and Happiness

In 1952, Norman Vincent Peale published a book called, The Power of Positive Thinking. He described, in a way the average reader could understand, how positive thinking contributes to health and happiness. That publication was the initiation of decades of books on how your thinking affects your life.  What has followed are all kinds of good-advice books, schemes to extract money for revealing how you can become wealthy by how you think and attempts of all kinds to get on the Positive Thinking Bandwagon.

The Positive Thinking program has the potential to help a lot of senior women in ways we may not have previously entertained.  In addition to helping us feel better about ourselves and our circumstances, saying ‘Yes’ instead of ‘No’ has all kinds of interesting consequences.

Consider for a moment what would happen if, when you were faced with having to change out your bathroom sink faucets, you decided to do it yourself.  You are not a plumber.  You have no home repair expertise.  You don’t even know if you have the tools to do the job.

I CAN Do It!

I was faced with such a circumstance last fall.  I’d never even watched someone install faucets.  But I thought I’d try an experiment.  I decided to tell myself I could do the job, and found immense pleasure in having made the decision.

The next step was go get on the Internet and find what the experts say about the steps to take out old faucets and replace them.  I discovered very detailed steps on several websites, all which said about the same thing.  And I found the tools in the house that the articles said I needed to do the job.

It took two days, and I needed the assistance of my neighbor to take the drain apart because the old pipes had corroded together and I’m not strong enough to twist the pieces apart.  But the upshot was that I did the vast majority of the job myself, including telling my neighbor what pieces had to be removed, and which ones needed to stay in place.  What satisfaction in that!  The after effects since then are nothing short of amazing.

I’ve decided there is probably nothing in the world I cannot do if I choose.  And that’s the operative word.  Senior women need to know we have choices. Most of us were not raised understanding we had choices.  We were told what to do.  When we ‘grew up’, we would be nurses or secretaries or teachers until we got married, at which time we would stop working away from home, begin having babies, and raise them.

I’m here to tell you, Sisters, that we all have choices. And we have the right to exercise our choices in our lives.  I am now choosing to be a caretaker for family members who need a helping hand.  That feels good and right at this moment in time. I chose to be a faucet-repair-person last fall.  It really feels good to add that to my list of accomplishments.

Thinking positively means knowing we have choices, and we have the right to them.


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