Senior Women With an Entrepreneurial Spirit

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When I turned 60, my husband had just retired.  He’d taught French and Spanish for 150 years and he was ready to do volunteer work and garden.  I was ready for a different adventure, but hadn’t quite figured out what that adventure was going to look like.  So when my youngest daughter asked me one day the same question she had been asking for about 3 years, I heard her question differently…”Mom, would you please see if you can make a dog treat that is truly healthy for me to use in my clinic and for my personal pets?   That means no grains in it and no preservatives.”

My daughter is a veterinarian…she’s an all natural, organic, holistic, fantastic vet.  She said that she had very, very sick clients who could not have grains in their diets…which of course dogs weren’t meant to have anyway.  That day, I heard her question with different ears.  The question became a challenge and an adventure.  I enlisted the help of a friend and together we turned my kitchen into an experimental laboratory.  Our home took on the odor of cooked liver and my white kitchen took on the appearance of a…well, you can imagine what it looked like sometimes.

My daughter said that it would be the very best if we could do this without adding any grains but she wasn’t sure we could accomplish that.  So we started with some very old, Biblical grains that we found at our health food store.  We didn’t like those.  We tried different kinds of grains in different combinations.  The experimenting continued for nearly 9 months.  We prayed,  we cried,  we laughed,  we pulled out every pan in my kitchen, we kept logs, added more of this and less of that, we tried again.

Then a new idea struck us…one that we worked on until finally we got something that looked good and smelled good,  (we were trying to smell as a dog does).  We tried it on some neighborhood dogs, they loved it.  We sent it to my daughter and she loved it.  Her dogs really loved it.  And so our dog treat was born.   And it had no grains!

My daughter told us that we had something different than anything else on the market.  She used it in her vet clinic and some of her clients who owned doggie boutiques wanted to sell it in their stores.  So we packaged it and started selling to a few retailers in the Chicago area where my daughter was located.

We soon transformed our basement into our bakery,  hoping to move the liver smell downstairs.  Actually it only served to fill the entire house,  the smell rose right up the stairs and out into the neighborhood.  So we kept our neighbors happy with dog treats.

It has turned into a full time business and we sell our treats across the country.  My friend left our partnership and my son joined me.   It was he who saw the potential in this little enterprise  and had the energy to grow it.  And so today we have retailers in every state selling Dr. Becker’s Bites…this little treat that was created in my kitchen.

I want to share it with you and if you have a dog, or even a cat, please check it out at

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