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Favorite Childhood Stories

This post comes under the category of ‘Favorite Recipes’ for senior women. We all have our favorites, and men who know how to cook do too.  One of the things I’ve enjoyed over the years is starting with a recipe in a book or magazine or online, and then tweaking it to suit my family’s taste.  I always seem to have to change something.  Sometimes it’s just because I want to do it my way.

My mother’s favorite story from my childhood occurred on a day when she was trying to teach me to write.  We had a big chalkboard on the wall in the kitchen and she often had all four of us standing at it writing or drawing while she prepared a meal.  On the day in question, I wasn’t following her direction about printing the alphabet, so she put her hand over mine to show me how to form the letters properly.  I quickly jerked my hand away, twisting my body out of her hands and vehemently said, “Do my ‘lone!”  She insists I was only two years old.

So it’s not too surprising that I add or delete ingredients from a printed recipe.  I’m sure many of our readers do too!

Swedish Pancakes

Swedish pancakes have been a favorite of our family over the years. We still love them, and often introduce them to friends who are visiting.  This recipe makes two big plates full, or three or four smaller plates.  You will want to play around with the quantity to be sure you make enough.

I use the blender to mix ingredients when I double or triple the recipe.  When I’m just doing it for my husband and me, I use the small Magic Bullet.  Here goes…

Mix 1 1/4 cups milk with 3/4 cups flour (doesn’t need to be sifted if you use the blender or Bullet), cap full of vanilla, 1 T sugar or honey, dash of salt and 3 eggs.  Blend it well–makes the pancakes lighter.

Pour batter onto hot griddle or cast iron pan oiled with cocoanut oil; you can play around with the size of pancakes; sometimes I make them about 2 inches in diameter, and sometimes double that size.

Add 3-4 blueberries, or your favorite fruit, in the middle of each cake, before you flip it.

As pancakes are done, pile them on a plate that you keep warm in a warming oven, or your regular oven heated a little.  This keeps the pancakes warm until ready to serve.

Pancakes can be served with butter and sugar and/or your favorite syrup.

Hope you and your family enjoy this favorite of ours!


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