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Senior Women Find More Freedom

A friend recently took her adult daughter to Paris for  a holiday.  They took in a French culinary course and enjoyed touring the city.  She is a senior citizen, as is her husband, who–although he loves to travel–is unable to do so any longer.  So she has chosen to continue her travel passion without him.

Increasingly senior women are finding they can decide to participate in a variety of activities that do not interest their spouses; indeed, some husbands simply are physically unable to join their wives in some activities.  Historically women would choose to stay at home with their infirmed (or unwilling) husbands, to take care of them.  That was the wifely duty prescribed by society.

With the highlight on women’s rights and the freedom that came with the women’s revolution in the 60s and 70s, women discovered they could make choices beyond doing what society dictated.  The part of that that affected senior women was to become free to choose to do something other than what one’s husband chose.

Travel Options for Senior Women

One of the changes a lot of senior women experience now is the freedom to travel, with or without their spouses.  In fact, Internet websites are found that are devoted to senior women travel, including tours designed for women’s interests.  This means that women can travel with other women, new friends and old, in the safety of a group seeing sights that interest them and participating in activities designed for women to enjoy.

So if you want to travel in your senior years and your spouse/partner does not, you are free to make the choice to plan where you want to go and what you want to do. Part of that plan probably needs to include care for your spouse/partner in your absence.  If he is indeed in need of daily care, home health nursing services are likely available with an order from his primary care physician.  If he can take care of himself and just needs some companionship, you can arrange for a small group of people/neighbors/family to take turns visiting him and doing things with him to keep him company.

Free up your lives, senior women!  You deserve it!

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