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What Drives Women to Drink?

A recent social conversation led me to search for research online regarding women’s drinking habits.  The results were very interesting.  According to the University of Cincinnati, married women drink more.  A research team at that University conducted a study about drinking. and marriage. The results indicate

• In each marital status category, men consumed a greater average number of drinks than women.

• Across every marital status category, a higher proportion of men than women also reported having at least one drinking-related problem.

• Recently divorced women reported consuming a significantly greater average number of drinks than men in long-term marriages.

• Reporting at least one drinking-related problem was significantly higher among long-term divorced and recently divorced women than long-term married women.

5000 Seniors Studied Over 47 Years

Some interesting research is often conducted by looking at data from other related studies.  These researchers analyzed data from a Wisconsin study of 5000 older men and women; that study was conducted over 47 years and focused on drinking habits of older people.  They also looked at two other longitudinal studies before forming their conclusions.

What does this mean for senior citizens?  Researchers suggest that the results could indicate stress levels for long-term married women.  Some cynics say the results suggest more difficulty maintaining a relationship over the years.  Those two possibilities are probably related.  Long-term problems in relationships increase stress.  And if this is the case for some married women, that is a likely reason to head for the liquor cabinet.

This is an interesting topic, and one SCJ will likely return to in the future.  So stay tuned!

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