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Ideas for Senior Women Travelers

We had such a great response to an earlier article about women traveling, particularly those who are ‘single’ travelers, that we want to share some more tips with you about making your trip more comfortable.

Some of us here at SCJ began experimenting with little things that add so much to making a trip pleasurable.  One of these days, we will share with you a system for packing a bag that gets more items in than any other we’ve found.  But for now, here are some suggestions about clothing that you might want to consider:

  • Buy stretchy-spandex panties for the trip.  They are less binding and more comfortable for long plane trips.
  • Wear compression socks on the plane or long bus/train rides.  They keep your feet more comfortable and help prevent the possibility of feet and ankles swelling.
  • Be sure your shoes are easy to get on and off at security airport locations; also be sure they are comfortable for walking.
  • Using panty liners will keep you from having to wash out panties or take so many along.  You can wear the same pair for two or three days if you use liners.
  • Be sure you have lightweight clothing that is easy to wash and drip-dry when necessary.  If you are going to a cold climate, be sure you take along clothing you can layer when you dress.  I bought clothing several years ago that I keep just for traveling; mix and match items that number only eight, but they are so versatile that I discovered those are the only ones I need on a long trip.  They were not expensive, and I put them aside in my closet, ready to pack for the next trip.

We like the following sites online that offer checklists for traveling.  Take a look at them and decide for yourself which one(s) will work for you:

There are a lot of additional options on the Internet.  Just use your favorite search engine, enter ‘checklist for traveling packing’ and add any other words that might help you narrow the search, such as your destination. You will have a gazillion sites pop up that will help you find the checklist that is just right for your trip.

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