Introducing Jeannine’s Notebook… Recipes From Life

Dec 6th, 2009 | By | Category: For Senior Women

“Would you like to write a blog for the Senior Citizen’s Journal?  Perhaps on cooking?”  The SCJ Editor piqued my interest and attention…

I must be completely candid.  “Please help me understand what a ‘blog’ is.”   I have no more idea now about this ‘blog business’ than I did at the completion of a lengthy answer to my question.  The SCJ Editor can be rather verbose…

Since I discovered that sometimes I learn best as I go… here I go….my name is Jeannine and the first thing I’m going to do is look up the definition of ‘blog’:  Short for Web log, a blog is a Web page that serves as a publicly accessible personal journal for an individual.        

WOW!  Since this is going to be my publicly accessible personal journal,  I think the next thing I need to do is give more definition to my ‘blog’…

  • I want to share recipes from my journey…I’ve helped my husband (or did he help me?)  raise 3 children so I have some recipes from that chapter that I’d love to share. 
  • We have 11 grandchildren and 1 great grandbabe, oh my, I’m not as young as I feel!!  I like to cook,  so recipes from that journal will be included. 
  • I’ve led,  I’ve followed,  I’ve failed,  I’ve succeeded….some of which I can talk about with you.   I  think I’ll label this thing called ‘blog’  with the Senior Citizen’s Journal,  “Jeannine’s Notebook…Recipes From Life”. 
  • I look forward to meeting with you and sharing life…through a “blog”.

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