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Why Seniors Need An Immunity Boost

We seniors are told this week that the flu season is almost over. Most of us got the immunization shot because we are at such high risk for complications from the flu. Now it’s time to take a look at the senior citizen immune system.

John Hopkins Medicine recently reported the need for seniors to keep their immune systems strong to fight off cancer. Traditional cancer-fighting protocols include risky radiation treatment and chemotherapy; these treatments are less than desirable because they not only kill off cancer cells, they also destroy healthy cells.

Two studies conducted in 2012 at Johns Hopkins Medical Center and other universities reported, “…treatment is safe, shrinks some tumors and marker may predict response.” The studies are “…testing experimental drugs aimed at restoring the immune system’s ability to spot and attack cancer.” (Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center)

The message, seniors, is that our immune systems are now being recognized as critical in fighting off cancer cells that exist in our bodies; cancer develops when those cells start growing in Topsy-turvy fashion and our immune systems cannot fight them off.

Keeping Our Immune Systems Strong

The John Hopkins study looks at yet another pill to boost the immune system to fight cancer. However, many of us seniors already know our diet is probably the most important factor, that we can control, to keep cancer at bay.

Let’s review a cancer-fighting-diet now…

  • Eat several servings of fruits and veggies every day; dark red and dark green have the most cancer-fighting properties;
  • Avoid sugar and sugar substitutes. Sugar feeds cancer. By cutting off sugar, cancer’s food supply is cut off. A good substitute is Manuka honey or molasses.
  • Stop using processed (white) salt. Substitute sea salt instead.
  • Cow’s milk produces mucus, which feeds cancer. Substitute with soy or almond milk (unsweetened).
  • Cancer cells thrive on acidic food. Red meat (beef and pork) is acidic. Substitute fish and chicken, tofu and plant-based meat substitutes. Red meat also contains  antibiotics, growth hormones and parasites, which harm cancer patients as well as the rest of us.
  • A Mediterranean diet made of 80% fresh vegetables (mostly uncooked) and juice, whole grains, seeds, nuts and a little fruits help put the body into an alkaline environment. The remainder of the diet can be from beans and other veggies that are cooked. Enzymes from fresh vegetable juices can be absorbed easily and get to healthy cells quickly. Fresh vegetable juice can be made easily at home.
  • Green tea is a good cancer fighter.
  • Water. Drink filtered water. Distilled water is acidic. Avoid it.

There you have it, seniors. Give your immune systems a boost and keep fighting off cancer cells!

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