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Women Enjoy World-Wide Travel

Women increasingly are enjoying worldwide travel, sometimes solo and sometimes in groups.  Some of us have no compunction about setting out by ourselves, and others of us have varying degrees of reticence.  No matter how you categorize yourself, you need to remain aware that women are often targeted for crime because we are considered easier targets than men. It’s a perception, and we need to admit it exists.

It is not necessary, however, to hide in your home and not venture out.  Women can enjoy worldwide travel, by themselves or with others, and be perfectly safe by observing a few safety tips. This article will address hotel room safety.  Others in the future will identify additional suggestions for being safe in travel.

Suggestions for Hotel-Room Safety

  • Be sure to get your hotel room number in writing; if a clerk calls out your room number, insist on a change and ask her/him not to identify the number out loud.
  • Request a room close to the elevator or stairway.  You are safer if you don’t have a long distance to walk to your room.  When you are returning to your room, have your door key in your hand so you can open it immediately.
  • Do not accept a room on an L-shaped hallway that is located off the main hallway.  It’s too easy for someone to hide on those short non-main hallways, and you are safer in a room where more people are walking by more often.
  • Carry a small rubber door-stop with you when you travel; use it to jam doors shut that do not have a security bar or device that you can use to make sure the door cannot be opened from the outside.
  • If your room has a balcony or if you are on the ground/first floor, be sure your windows are locked.
  • Never open your hotel door for anyone you are not expecting.  If someone at your door identifies him/herself as a hotel employee and you have not asked for assistance, call the front desk to ensure the person is legitimate before you open the door.

Above all, trust your intuition!  Women’s intuition is legendary, and we need to cultivate and trust it.  If you feel in danger, you probably are, and you need to take immediate steps to get to a place of safety.


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