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Money Management Challenges

Many senior women 55 or 60+ today find managing money a serious challenge. Especially if they are living alone.  The most common scenario is they inherited the task when their spouse of many years died.  He always managed the money, and she got an allowance to spend on buying groceries and personal items.  Following his death, all the money decisions were up to her.  And she had little to no experience to fall back on.

Thanks to the Internet today, resources are available for senior women to learn about managing money, including investing, budgeting, tax issues, credit and banking.

Internet Websites Helpful to Senior Women

A generic Yahoo! search reveals over seven million pages devoted to ‘senior women finance‘, the search phrase we used. This resource is likely to provide answers to any questions women have about finances. Articles such as this one about the National Initiative to Care for the Elderly (Canada) are helpful in understanding the relationship between women and finance. This article from US News and World Report talks about the inequality between women and money, another good resource for understanding the issues.

As always, senior women need to seek the advice of a trusted family friend or financial adviser in the process of determining a course of action that is appropriate for her.

Then there are more websites devoted to senior women in general.

A good place to start is here.  This site is devoted to senior women (over 55) and is written and published by mostly senior women.  In the words of the site editors, “We’ve fashioned this site in an attempt to reflect women’s issues and concerns. We also hope it reflects those two most compelling relationships, that of community and connectivity.”

Dating services for senior women abound on the Internet. Once you provide basic information about yourself, you are offered ‘matches’ to pursue, depending on which one(s) you choose. Many of them are free, so don’t get caught in the trap of paying money for a match.

Blogs by individual seniors can also be a helpful resource… and funny.  There are hundreds available, and a search such as ‘blogs for senior citizens’ will reveal many of them.

When you are searching for information about senior women and ____ (fill in the blank), just enter that phrase in your favorite search engine and the Internet will place gazillions of articles at your feet.  You can read them at your leisure, and return to them any time you want.

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