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New Research on Chocolate

I knew it would happen someday.  There just had to be a reason chocolate is so very good! And now research proves it.  The University of California, San Diego, research team has my enduring gratitude for the research published this week in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Here’s a little bit about the study.  The research team looked at 1018 men and women, ages 20-85, with no known cardiovascular disease, diabetes or high blood pressure.  They hypothesized that, “… the benefits of modest frequent chocolate intake might extend to reduced fat deposition, potentially off setting the added calories.”  (Archives of Internal Medicine, March 26, 2012).  That statement translates there might be a benefit to eating a little bit of chocolate every day, including not gaining weight. The operative word here is probably a little bit.

Chocolate Helps With Weight Loss

You can read about the details of the study online.  Newswise says this about the study:

“They found that adults who ate chocolate on more days a week were actually thinner – i.e. had a lower body mass index – than those who ate chocolate less often. The size of the effect was modest but the effect was ‘significant’ –larger than could be explained by chance. This was despite the fact that those who ate chocolate more often did not eat fewer calories (they ate more), nor did they exercise more. Indeed, no differences in behaviors were identified that might explain the finding as a difference in calories taken in versus calories expended.” (Newswise, 03/20/2012)

Beatrice Golomb, MD, PhD, lead investigator in this study, said this about chocolate:

“Our findings appear to add to a body of information suggesting that the composition of calories, not just the number of them, matters for determining their ultimate impact on weight,” said Golomb. “In the case of chocolate, this is good news –both for those who have a regular chocolate habit, and those who may wish to start one.”  (Newswise, 03/20/2012)

Good news?  Definitely!

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