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Traditional Senior Women

Most of us senior women grew up in a time when women did the cooking; there are exceptions, of course, but social mores regarding roles for women and men were pretty clear. And food served was geographically determined. That is, meals served in the deep South were significantly different from that served in the Midwest. There was little to no influence from other cultures let alone other countries. Fast food was unheard of.

Fast-forward to 2013 and take a look at how tradition has changed lives. Women are choosing whether or not to cook, meals are heavily influenced by a variety of cultures and countries, and fast food is so common that obesity is now a national dilemma. Senior Women Cooking : Elderly woman cooking in her kitchen Stock Photo

On a more positive note, both women and men cooks are increasingly concerned about meals with high nutritional value. We watch things like ensuring a low glycemic index for food we prepare, low calories, no trans fats and low saturated fats, and lots of fruits and vegetables. In other words, we are looking for the best possible diet we can make available to our families.

Nutrition Counts

The editors at SCJ have recently become aware of the amount of herbicides, pesticides and fungicides that are used on and around food that is harvested and sold in grocery stores in the US. Some of the information is a little scary. It certainly speaks for buying organically-grown food whenever possible.

It also speaks for changing your family’s lifestyle around eating habits. Food from countries where the nasty-cides products are not permitted is available for consumption in the United States. This food has an extremely high nutritional value, and its users tout not only the good taste but the amazingly good health that they are experiencing.

We senior women have seen massive changes in cooking over our lifetime. It behooves us to help our family’s health by insisting on food that is safe and that has high nutritional value… something most of us have done throughout out lifetime.



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