A Grandmother’s Memories on Memory Lane

Jan 24th, 2010 | By | Category: For Senior Women

Memory Lane is a street close by and one that I walk frequently.  This afternoon as I meandered down this lane (I wasn’t doing one of my power walks obviously) I thought about our youngest daughter getting lost at 3 years of age within minutes after we moved into married student housing at Ohio State University.  As soon as we discovered her missing, the rest of her family spread out throughout the housing neighborhood calling and looking for her.  We discovered her a couple of rows of houses from our street standing in the yard looking around with this confused, ‘every house looks just like my house’ look on her little face.  

It took a while for all of us to adjust to this new life that we’d chosen while the daddy and husband of our family worked on his graduate studies.  The two older children attended a local elementary school, and we put our youngest into a nursery school program in our neighborhood for a few hours each week so that she would have other children to play with. 

Her nursery school teacher was a young, vivacious woman who loved children.   And the children loved her.  One day as I was picking my daughter up from school, her teacher walked out to get acquainted with me.  Our youngest babe was standing there with us, hopping back on forth on her two little feet, wanting desperately to say something.  Both her teacher and I looked down at her and stopped our conversation.  Her teacher invited her question or statement… it appeared to be important.   She looked up at her teacher who had a lovely head of hair that she had streaked a light blond.  It must have looked white or grey to my daughter because her question was, “how old is your hair?”

My husband enrolled our two older children into a punt/pass/kick competition for children to be held in the Ohio State Football Stadium.   Our son, who was athletic, competed with other children and won a trophy.  My husband tells the story that there were no entries for 8 yr old girls, so he entered our 8 yr old daughter.  She kicked the ball, she passed the ball, then she punted the ball, it sailed backwards over her head  a good ten feet.  In spite of this magnificent punt, she won the first place trophy!

Our ‘student’ days at OSU were some of the best days of our lives.  We had very little money, our house was just like everyone else’s:  small, plain but warm and intimate.  We had friends galore, the children had friends of every color and every race and although Daddy was very busy studying, we lived a simple, contented and peaceful life.

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