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Packing is a Science and an Art

This is a post we promised you a few weeks ago.  One of the editors is masterful at packing.  She can get more in a piece of luggage than you could ever predict.  Someone described the process to her years ago, and then she just kept refining it.  Here’s what she does:

  • She begins with getting all the clothing out that needs to be packed, and then usually decides to pare it down somewhat.  A lot of us seniors take much more clothing on a trip than we will need.  Think it through.  Be sure you are actually going to need and wear what you pack.
  • Once all the clothing is out, she starts with large and long items like sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, slacks and pants, laying them carefully one on top of the other; she smooths each before she puts the next on top to minimize wrinkles.
  • Then she goes to the smaller items, again placing one on top of the other.  She ends up with one stack of clothing that needs to go in the bag.
  • Then she starts folding the pant lets up on top of the pile, the long sleeves on top of the pile, etc, until she has one square or rectangular pack of clothing.
  • She picks up the pack and places it in the luggage, compressing it as needed.
  • She puts underwear and socks and smaller items inside shoes; the shoes get as full as possible with the small stuff.  Shoes get placed around the pack of clothing in the suitcase.
  • She adds incidentals such as cosmetics in protected plastic bags and anything else the traveler needs to take along.  Incidentals get placed around the pack of clothing as well.

Voila!  The suitcase is packed and you’re ready to depart.  She is very clear that you improve your skills using this method with experience doing it.

By the way, be sure the last thing you put in your suitcase is your itinerary, name, address and cell phone number. Baggage handlers for airlines will look inside your luggage for identifying information if your bags go to the wrong destination.  Your luggage can get re-routed to you if the airlines’ employees know who you are and where you are going.


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