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Prescription for Healthy Living

We senior citizens have all heard about the need for a good diet and just the right kind of exercise. These issues are among the top 10 concerns of seniors everywhere.  We know what we eat and how we exercise keeps us healthy in our senior years.

SCJ editors recently came across The 10 Commandments of Health.  They were written by Dr. George W. Calver, the first physician appointed to the U.S. Congress.  Back in 1928 when he was first appointed, he suggested to Congress that the members’ health was best maintained by prevention rather than attempts to remediate after illness occurs.

Ten Commandments for Good Health

Calver’s 10 Commandments will sound familiar to senior citizens:

  1. Eat wisely
  2. Drink plentifully
  3. Eliminate thoroughly
  4. Bathe cleanly
  5. Exercise rationally
  6. Accept inevitables
  7. Play enthusiastically
  8. Relax completely
  9. Sleep sufficiently
  10. Check up occasionally.

Calver then added a post script to his Commandments:  Give 5% of your time to keeping well.  You won’t have to give 100% getting over being sick.  He was very clear.  A healthy lifestyle prevents illness.

We here at SCJ suggest seniors everywhere can take personal responsibility for their own good health. If each of us made this a priority in our lives, and followed Calver’s 10 Commandments, what an impact we could make on health care costs and disease that results from poor choices (Type 2 diabetes, hypertension from obesity, heart disease from obesity and/or smoking, strokes…  and the list can go on for a long time).  Let’s take a look at the choices we are making. Let’s stop whining about rising health care costs.  Let’s take some personal responsibility for our own health–not the other guy’s… just our own.

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